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Sukoon Safaris and Walks

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Throughout the history of mankind there have always been two ways of living: the settled and the nomadic. Each complements and balances the other; if either is missing, human society as a whole suffers. In our modern urbanised world, it is very difficult to honour the nomadic impulse, so Sukoon Safaris has arisen to fill this need, combining our instinctual need to travel and explore with the utmost in modern comfort and style. area, far from the noise and bustle of the usual tourist destinations, and there will also be the opportunity to enjoy river-trips. What we offer is a luxury mobile camp that will journey through the pristine alpine beauty of the great Kashmiri Himalayan valleys: the Aru, Dodhpather and Marg-Drass. We shall be able to enjoy the peace and beauty of the We shall be following in the footsteps of the Mughal emperors who shaped so much of north Indian history and culture. Originally nomads from Turkestan, they loved Kashmir above all other places in the subcontinent and returned whenever they could to enjoy its clear mountain streams, flower-sprinkled pastures and verdant forests. We shall be travelling through a landscape whose wild beauty has hardly changed since their time.


Each of our large tents (10′ x 12′ x 8′ high) will be looked after by 2 personal attendants and a cook.

Each is as well-equipped as any good hotel room, offering: Ÿ · double or single beds Ÿ · high quality bed-linen Ÿ · Kashmiri embroidered quilts, cushions and rugs Ÿ · large net windows to maximise the view Ÿ · dressing table Ÿ · luggage rack Ÿ · separate personal toilet Ÿ · separate personal wash tent with hot and cold water provided in traditional brass buckets Ÿ · NO PLASTIC IS USED


Kashmir is known for its refined cuisine, which incorporates both Indian and Persian recipes and Kashmiris are known for their warm hospitality. So the food on these safaris will be of the highest quality, including river-fresh fish cooked on wood fires and locally grown rice and vegetables bought from the villagers. Meals will be served by the staff in a comfortable and stylish dining tent seating up to 10 people, lit by beautiful candle jars and solar lighting. Personal food preferences will always be catered for.

There will be lovely walks and safaris to experience the tranquillity of nature and the colourful tribal culture which has continued virtually untouched by the unquiet outside world. In the evenings, local musicians will play and sing at our camp fire, under a brilliant canopy of stars. These trips are ideal for honeymoons, a family adventure or a group of friends who just want to get away from everything and have fun. Whether you like fishing, birdwatching, trekking or just enjoying the mountain views and being absorbed in the surrounding peace, Sukoon Safaris will provide you with an unforgettable experience

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